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Our Career Coaching Services

We provide specialist career coaching services to support


Private Clients who have been made redundant and are seeking help in finding a new job


Graduates and Postgraduates who are completing their degrees and looking for a suitable career


Organisations with the career development and career career management of talented Executives and Managers


This section of the website explains the scope of each of these career coaching services and the benefits they offer our career coaching clients.


Individual Career Coaching for Private Clients

We work with individual Career Coaching Clients who are seeking a new role. This may be following redundancy, or as a result of a desire to change career path. Our Career Coaching enables our Clients to find rewarding and satisfying career opportunities that meet their objectives.


Our Career Coaching is specifically tailored to the needs of each Client. We work with Career Coaching Clients to:


  • Establish the type of role that will provide most career satisfaction
  • Create a sharp and professional CV
  • Activate and implement a powerful self-marketing programme
  • Prepare for interview and give a confident performance on the day
  • Answering difficult interview questions
  • Understand ability tests and psychometric tools
  • To prepare for assessment centre and stand out from other candidates
  • To negotiate the best contractual terms

We can offer you an individually tailored programme to meet your needs. This may cover all the items above or just one aspect such as creating a powerful CV.


Career Coaching from Experienced and Qualified Coaches


Every Career Coach is professionally qualified and has extensive experience of working with Clients to help them get the role that they want. Each Career Coach has expert knowledge of the design of selection processes, including approaches such as competency-based interviews and assessment centres. This experience comes primarily from having previously held senior roles in Human Resources or Search and Selection.


This experience means our Career Coaches can prepare our Clients so they can present their skills and experience in the most effective way for the type of job that they want. As a result our Career Coaching Clients are appointed into new roles which energise and motivate them, providing the platform for future career success.


What Our Career Coaching Clients say


You can see for yourself what our Clients have said about their experience and the value of Career Coaching in their Career Coaching Testimonials. We have also made available for you our Free Job Hunters Toolkit which includes advice on CV Preparation, Achieving Interview Success, and Networking.


If you find yourself in the situation of trying to find a new job, or you are looking to change role please call us to discuss your Career Coaching requirements. We are sure that we can give you the support and advice that you will need to be successful.



Graduate and Postgraduate Career Coaching

If you are just about to complete your degree in most cases it will be important for you to get into the career that you want as quickly as possible. This allows you to get your career under way as well as start paying off the debts accumulated whilst studying. However in the current economic climate the job market is highly competitive, particularly in those sectors where there are many applicants but limited jobs.


We can equip you to beat your competition to the job that you want. There are some easy things that you can do to improve your chances of getting the right job by more than 60%. You can do these things immediately and you will have every chance of beating your competition.


We successfully work with graduates and postgraduates from Warwick University Business School and the University of Buckingham to enable them to get the jobs they want. We can support you to

  • Create a powerful and compelling graduate or postgraduate CV
  • Understand how to make successful online applications
  • Prepare for and be successful at interviews
  • Confidently attend and succeed at assessment centres
  • Understand and complete verbal and numerical reasoning tests as well as personality profiles
  • Implement a self-marketing campaign designed to put you ahead of your competition for jobs – dealing with recruitment agencies, job fairs, networking


We will tailor your support programme to suit your personal needs. You may need help in all the areas described above or just one. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Career Coaching for Organisations

We provide Career Coaching and Career Development services for organisations who wish to provide their top talent with Career Coaching support. These services may be to support new Executives appointed from outside the Company. Or they may be for talented Mangers within the Company to enable them to plan, manage and develop their career.


Examples of recent Career Coaching assignments include:


  • First 100 days Career Coaching for a new Marketing Director to enable her to make a fast impact in the business
  • Career Coaching support for Managers that have attended a development centre to build competencies and clarify career plans
  • Career Coaching for individuals to facilitate their career plans, for example enhancing their profile with senior management
  • Exploring 360 feedback and its implications with members of a company senior development programme


Our organisational Career Coaching Clients report that it is the opportunity to work with a qualified, experienced Career Coach that enables them to achieve their career development goals. Career Coaching from an external Coach allows our Clients to work with a Career Coach, who whilst providing a sounding board and challenge, is committed to their success.


Our Approach to Career Coaching in Organisations


Our approach to any Career Coaching assignment is based totally on the needs of the organisation and our Client. We do not, like some companies, have a preferred programme, or approach. We find that the needs and the preferences of our Clients are unique, and for that reason we tailor our coaching approach to each individual Client.


Every Career Coaching assignment starts with a chemistry meeting between the Career Coach and Client. This is to ensure that the Client feels comfortable about working in partnership with the Career Coach to achieve his, or her, career development objectives. Our Clients say they find it invaluable to be able to have coaching in a confidential setting with a Career Coach who is independent from the Company.


We would normally expect a review of progress against the career development coaching objectives, with the Sponsor and our Client, at the half way stage and at the end of each assignment.


Our Career Coaches


Every Career Coach has extensive business experience and is professionally qualified. Each Career Coach has a proven track record of supporting Clients to achieve their career goals. Our Career Coaches are all able, where necessary, to use 360 feedback and a range of careers’ related psychometric tools












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