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Overcoming nerves at interviews can be important to ensure you give your best and most polished performance. Most people have some nerves at interviews and that’s probably not a bad thing. But if your nerves have an influence on how you come across and answer the questions at interviews, it could have a negative effect on your chances of getting the job.


In this article you will be given 5 tips we know work, which have been used by our career coaching clients over the years. As we suggest in career coaching you may not need all of them so pick the ones most likely to be helpful to you.


5 Top Tips for Overcoming Interview Nerves

  • Make sure you have rehearsed running through your CV so you can do it in no more than 4 minutes. Do this aloud, ideally with a friend or member of your family. The first question in most interviews is to ask you to run through your CV. If you know you can do this well you’ll make a good start and make a positive first impression.
  • Check out the things that the interviewer is going to be looking for when you meet. This should be obvious from the job advert and the person specification for the job. Large organisations will often send you their competence list (the behaviours and skills) they will be looking for. There are lists of competencies on this site if you want a checklist to use. When you know the competencies make sure you have examples from your work experience. For each one write out the situation, the action you took and what happened as a result. Again you must practice these answers. If you do this well you will have prepared for 80% of the likely questions. This should put you at ease and help you relax
  • Check out the location for the interview. How long will it take you to get there? Add a safety margin of 20 minutes. There is nothing worse than arriving at the last minute. This way you have time to go to the toilets and check out your appearance (so no bits of dirt on your face!). You can have the time to mentally prepare for the interview.
  • For 5 days prior to the interview visualise it – perhaps like a movie. This is a technique used by great athletes. They visualise a successful performance in their event. When you do it concentrate on seeing yourself at your most confident, walk through going into the office, saying hello, and then going through the interview itself. If you do this vividly when you get to the interview it will be almost like you have already done it. This will reduce any anxiety or nerves at interviews
  • Another way of reducing nerves at interviews is to think of a situation when you are at your most relaxed or most confident (maybe both). Close your eyes and really bring it to life – what can you see, smell and hear. Is it warm or cool? What can you touch? When you have this image focus on it and you will notice that you start to feel more relaxed. For me it’s always the evening sun on a warm beach – I can feel the heat and hear the sea. Practice being able to bring this image into your head, maybe three times a day for five days before the interview. Then when you get to the reception on the day of the interview spend 5 minutes being a part of your image and I promise you that you will be relaxed, or confident whichever image you pick.


These techniques for reducing nerves and anxiety at interviews are proven to work if you do them properly and they have brought success for many people. They have certainly worked for our career coaching clients. The great thing is you can use the last two tips for any situation, so they don’t only help for interviews but any situation coming up that may be worrying you.


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