What Can Career Coaching Do For You?

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If you are looking for a new job a good Career Coach will improve your chances of getting the role you want by 50% or more. You say ‘he’s bound to say that, he does career coaching!’ But you would be wrong I say it as an ex-HR Director and someone who has used career coaching personally. As well as, of course, someone who has been providing career coaching for some time.



Most of us look for a new job around 3 or 4 times in our life so we don’t get a lot of practice doing it. A good Career Coach will be totally in tune with what works in the current job market and will provide you with that knowledge. This is how you get ahead of your competition. Career Coaching can provide you with all the skills that follow. You may not want them all so the list can act as a prompt for you to consider your needs.


The Right Job: you may want to take the opportunity to consider what kind of job will suit you next. A Career Coach will enable you to reflect on what kind of role might be right for you. You will be able to look at the wide range of options that fit your skills set.


Right CV: everyone has a view about what a good CV looks like. There are a lot of different opinions but there are some things that get mentioned consistently by those that make the hiring decisions. Career Coaching will enable you to create a CV which clearly presents what you have to offer to a potential employer. There is no such thing as the perfect CV. Each one must be tailored specifically to enable you to get the interview for the job that you want.


Interviews and Selection: not many of us get a lot of interview practice. There is a real skill to presenting yourself in a way that will get you the job. It’s not rocket science, but as an HR Director I interviewed a lot of people who had not prepared properly. Career Coaching will get you ready for your interview and allow you to feel confident on the day.


Self-Marketing: there are many ways to find the right job. Career Coaching will inform you of the best channels to use to get your perfect job.


Hiring a Career Coach: all the way through this I have talked about ‘good’ Career Coaching or ‘good’ Career Coaches. Like anything else it is critical that you find the person with the expertise to do the job. In addition in Career Coaching it’s important that you have a good chemistry and feel happy to work with your Coach. Aim to look at 2 or 3 Coaches. Meet them or at a minimum have 20- 30 minutes on the phone with a prospective Coach. This should not cost you anything. Ask the Coaches about their prior experience and success rate. Check out what help the Coach feels you might need and ask for a cost. For most people the cost of good career coaching is far outweighed by the benefits of being back in a job that you want.


Our Advert: we offer all the services you see described here. Our clients come from all functional areas and tend to be middle or senior managers. We also offer career coaching to post graduates such as MBAs. We are one of the providers of career coaching to Warwick Business School. I won’t say any more please call if you would like to find out what we can do for you. This will be without obligation or cost to you.




Tony Goddard



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