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Our coaching clients often ask for a CV Format, CV Template or Example CV so that they can create their own. If you want your CV to get you interviews it is critical to have the right CV Format. Here we provide you with a proven CV Format that we know works.

CV Format

It is a known fact that recruiters tend to make up their mind whether to invite you to interview by around two thirds of page one of your CV. It’s therefore essential you use the right CV Format that enables the recruiter to quickly see that you are right for the job.

In order to write a CV that will get you interviews here are some key tips:

  • It should be no longer than 2 pages – it is designed to get you an interview not tell your life story!
  • It should be tailored to the requirements of each job for which you apply. In this way the recruiter will see you match their requirements quickly. Most people just send out the same CV for every job which means they are often not a good match for what the recruiter wants. You will put yourself ahead of your competition by tailoring your CV
  • You tailor your CV by amending your profile and key skills areas to the skills and experience required the job. You can also amend the achievements under each job to reflect the experience required
  • Check your English – spelling, grammar and punctuation. If these are incorrect evidence shows you are 60% less likely to get a response from the recruiter!
  • If you want to know how to write your own CV using the CV Format in the example which follows look at Writing a CV that gets You Interviews. This covers each section – profile, key skills areas, career history, education and interests

Example CV Format


 Tony James

2 Home Road, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV38 8DE

Telephone (Home):  01234 123456, Mobile 07123 123456




Production Manager with over 10 years experience of leading successful manufacturing change and improvement programmes. Strong track record of achievement in hitting production targets within quality standards. Extensive experience of motivating and leading teams in order to build staff engagement and exceed profitability budget. Now seeking a more strategic senior general management in a world class manufacturing organisation


Key Skill Areas


  • Leadership – led and motivated 380 staff  improving levels of staff engagement by 30% over a three year period
  • Performance Improvement – increases plant profitability by 30% by increasing output in line with quality expectations
  • Change Management – implemented a new streamlined manufacturing process and organisation structure to transform output levels from 80% of capacity to 97%
  • Commercial Acumen – experience of sitting on Executive Committee responsible for overall delivery of financial budget. A General Manager with both production experience and engineering qualifications
  • Project Management – delivered £200m capital investment project on time and within budget


Career History


Production Manager – Lockley Holdings              April 2008 to Present

  •  £500m turnover company manufacturing and selling specialist drill parts for sale across the world
  • Member of the Plant Executive Committee responsible for the delivery of business strategy and financial targets
  • Selected to lead a major change programme, in order to improve output by 20% and increase efficiencies by 28%
  • Increased output levels by 24% within agreed timescales improving per item costs by 11%
  • Reduced employee numbers by 30% saving £1m per annum
  • Implemented new 7 day shift pattern to more effectively utilise plant and equipment working
  • Reduced output quality defects by 30%
  • Increased achievement of production targets from 85% to 98%
  • Reduced absence levels from 10% to 3%
  • Awarded the Times Manufacturing Employer of the year award for 2012 with best UK levels of staff engagement
  • Implemented people focused initiatives such as Quality Team Improvement Groups leading to higher levels of staff motivation and 14% improvement in quality levels
  • Successfully proposed and obtained £5m capital investment programme on the basis of prior two year performance record

General Manager – TDX UK Plc               November 2005 – April 2008

  •  Head-hunted with a specific remit to improve overall quality levels and shift outputs
  • Largest manufacturer of precision machine parts for the petroleum industry. Turnover £980m employing 500 staff
  • Developed and implemented a Continuous Improvement Programme which drove changes in working practices and improved outputs by 15% per hour with an overall 30% reduction in quality defects
  • Chaired the Operational Staff Consultative Group successfully concluding 3 pay negotiations and resolving 100% of collective grievances
  • Introduced a ‘just in time’ supply process and reduced working capital costs by £25m
  • Led the project team which implemented a £200m capital programme to increase plant capacity. Project achieved on time and within budget


Production Foreman – Ford              January 2001 – November 2005

  •  Appointed to run the Camshaft production line with 28 employees on each shift
  • Achieved 98% production quality levels after the introduction of a shift quality improvement team
  • Achieved 95% of production budget which was the target for the production line
  • Developed improved employee engagement and team spirit by creating a social outing schedule for staff and their partners. Also introduced a plant football 5-a-side football league
  • Managed all disciplinary and grievance issues successfully without any action taken by the Trade Union for unfair treatment


Manufacturing Engineer – Ford     September 1998 – January 2001

  •  Appointed as a Manufacturing Engineer for the power train production lines
  • Resolved manufacturing process issues for plant producing 800,000 engines per annum
  • Created new tooling process which reduced machine down times by 23%
  • Responsible for the planning and layout of the new camshaft production process. Implemented on time and on budget
  • Awarded suggestion award prize of £5000 for proposing new methods of supplying forgings to machine production lines ensuring a 17% reduction in machine downtime as a result of breakdowns


Ford Motor Company          September 1996 – September 1998

  •  Selected as a member of the two year graduate engineering programme
  • As part of the programme spent time in Production, Plant Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Awarded new Engineer of the year award after year one


Education and Educational Qualifications

  •  Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering – University of Birmingham – 1993 – 1996
  • Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers
  • Henley College Senior Management Programme



  •  Coach to the UK Youth Road Cycling Team
  • Governor of Bank Academy
  • Member of the Warwickshire Road Cycling Club


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