Deciding Whether the Job is Right For You

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Many people think that the recruitment process is designed to see if they are the best for the job. It is, but it is also your chance to assess your potential new boss and the company that may end up employing you.

You Can Tell a Lot from Your Recruitment Experience

You can tell a lot from your experience of the recruitment process. From the moment you get invited to interview, until you get offered a job or rejected, there are some strong signals about what it would be like to work in a company. You also get to meet the person that is going to be very important to your future – your new boss. You can tell a lot from the way your new boss behaves in an interview. Having worked as an HR Director I can tell you that most people in an interview exhibit the best and worst of themselves!

What Kind of Company Is It?

Here are 4 ways of making a decision on whether the company is one in which you would enjoy working:

job interviewApplication: when you apply for the job do you have to fill in the company application, or can you just send in your CV? Is the language on the application really formal or quite informal? Do you send you information to a named person e.g. Sally in HR or to the Recruitment Officer. You can quickly see how formal, friendly, professional and bureaucratic a company is from these processes. Do these processes tie up with what the company says about itself on its website? If they don’t – look out!


Interview Day: how friendly are the staff in reception? Do they try and ensure you know what to do and let people know you have arrived? Or do they ignore you as much as they can and ‘look down their nose’ at you? If the company let’s reception staff get away with inappropriate behaviour who else gets away with it?


Interview checklist:

  • Are you welcomed in the room?
  • Does the interviewer(s) try to put you at your ease?
  • Does the interviewer listen to your answers, or are they waiting for the next question?
  • If you are struggling with a question do they help you, or sit with a smirk on their face?
  • Who does all the talking? If the interviewer spends all the time telling you how great the company is, how fantastic they are and how wonderful their team is – it just shows they don’t have much interest in anything but how great they are!

Job Offer: by now you should have a good idea if you want to join the company. But as a last check how is the job offer made? Do you get a phone call to make the offer and to talk through the terms? Or do you get a really formal letter on a standard form?

We are not passing judgement on any of the approaches above – perhaps apart from the points in the interview section. But if you want to work in an informal and relaxed environment or a more formal one the tips above should enable you to get a good idea of what it would be like working for the company. The interview should enable you to decide if your potential boss is one with whom you would be happy to work.

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