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So are you in need of some graduate careers advice? Are you at the stage where you need to seriously consider what you are going to do as a job?  University careers departments are very good and do their best to give as much advice as they can. But given the numbers involved the careers help can rarely be tailored to your personal needs.



Career Coaching


Career coaching is one way of getting personal one to one careers advice. Through career coaching you can focus on the areas where you need specific help. As a company we provide one to one careers advice to both graduates and postgraduates. It’s the support we give that enables our clients to stand out from the crowd and be at the front of the queue when it comes to getting the job that they want.


Careers Advice Available


Everybody tends to have specific needs of their own. But a good careers coach should be able to help you with any of the areas detailed below, plus anything else you come up with. So here are the ways in which good careers advice and career coaching can help you:


  • The right job; if you haven’t decided, how to choose the job that gives you everything you want – motivation, enjoyment, rewards package, personal development, career path


  • A CV that gets you interviews; there are lots of different ways to write a CV but there are some things it has to do quickly e.g. grab the recruiter’s attention. A good careers coach will ensure your CV is fit for purpose and gets you the interviews you want. In many cases is really isn’t too hard to improve the chances of getting an interview by 25%


  • Online applications; these have computer filters on them and if you don’t complete them properly you will be rejected by the computer before a human sees your talents. A good coach or graduate careers advisor will ensure you understand these filters and that you understand how to respond to those awkward competency based questions e.g. describe a time where you overcame difficulties to achieve a deadline


  • Interviews; believe it or not you can prepare for interviews and ensure that you are not as nervous as your competition. In this way you can concentrate on worrying about how you project yourself rather than the questions you are going to be asked. You can’t know 100% of the questions that will be asked but we believe you can be prepared for 80% of the questions – probably 80% more than your competitors!


  • Assessment centres; most graduates are not quite sure what will happen at an assessment centre. As careers advisors we can explain how assessment centres are designed and the different things you can expect to have to do. Rather like interviews you can prepare for assessment centres and most of your competition will not have done that


  • Networking and marketing; you need to sell yourself on the job market and with competition the way it is that can be quite a tough proposition. However most graduates network ineffectively if at all. Many graduates simply trawl the job sites or careers fairs – this is not the best way to get a job. Some 70% of jobs are obtained through networking


By working with a good careers advisor on topics like those mentioned here you can really improve your chances of getting the job that you really want. You will be significantly better prepared for the selection process than many other graduates or postgraduates.


Our Careers Advice is based on our experience of working with graduates and postgraduates. Our knowledge is built on our backgrounds in senior HR roles. Most of us have been involved in designing and running graduate recruitment programmes so we know what we’re talking about. If you want to know more please call and we will be happy to talk through what you are trying to achieve and whether we can help you.




Tony Goddard




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