Hiring a Career Coach Can Help You Find a New Job

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What is Career Coaching?

A Career Coach is an expert in the job market and will help you avoid many of the errors that people make when they are seeking new employment. This means you should be able to get back into a job more quickly than those following a do it yourself route.


A Career Coach also helps people in employment to consider their career options and either move to a role that gives more satisfaction or to obtain the promotion that is desired. This article focuses on how career coaching can help you get a new role.


Finding a Career Coach

Being out of work can be an extremely stressful experience and the support of someone who is committed to you finding a new role may well be invaluable. If you have not had to look for new employment for some time a Career Coach offers the support of someone who does understand the best way to get back into work quickly. When choosing a Career Coach to work with it is recommended that you have at least one meeting to check that the Coach is someone you feel you can work with. Most professional Career Coaches will in any case offer this facility for free. When you meet the Career Coach ask about his/her approach and ask if it would be possible to speak to a previous career coaching client. Most Coaches will be happy to put you in touch with someone they have worked with.


What Does Career Coaching Provide?

A Career Coach should offer a range of career coaching services dependent on the needs and career goals of the client. This describes the steps and stages that a typical career coaching engagement may include;


  • Coaching goals – the objectives for the coaching, type of new role desired, timescale
  • A career review – to ascertain strengths, motivations, energisers and drains at work. Where career fits as a part of other aspects of life, such as family and other interests
  • Creating an impactful CV – producing a CV that will ensure invitations for interview. Detailing what you offer to a potential employer and key achievements with quantifiable results
  • Marketing campaign – agreeing a plan for self-marketing and the percentage of time spent with agencies, advertised jobs and networking. Effective networking is crucial and some estimate that around 80% of roles are filled through this route. Sources of information and research resources
  • Interview preparation – ensuring you are prepared so that you are able to present yourself well at interview and reduce any nerves
  • Negotiating your package – how to negotiate a salary package that is a fair reflection of the market role for the job
  • On boarding – preparing a plan to make a quick and positive impact in your new job


A good Career Coach will offer all these elements. In hiring the Career Coach you are paying for the skill and expertise that will enable you to beat your competition in the job market. The Career Coach should be available for face to face career coaching sessions, as well as phone calls and email correspondence. Fees for this type of career coaching can vary widely. Beware of career coaching services that are cheap and offer internet only access to help and resources. At the other end of the market there are career coaching companies that charge very large sums to cover all their costs and to make a large profit. My advice would be to pick three suppliers and ask for a quote for the career coaching service you need. Pick the one that suits you the best.





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