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When you complete your MBA you often want to move function or industry sector. An MBA Skills Based CV is a useful tool to help you do that. Here we tell you how to write an MBA Skills Based CV and provide you with an example CV


 What is An MBA Skills Based CV?


A Skills Based CV focuses on the transferable skills that you offer an employer. It makes it much clearer what skills and competencies you have than a traditional CV where you list each job and its achievements.  Using this kind of CV enables you to decrease the likelihood that a recruiter rejects your application because of a lack of sector experience or a lack of experience in a particular function


Writing an MBA Skills Based CV


The key to writing a successful MBA Skills Based CV is to recognise that the recruiter will make a decision as to whether or not to interview you by around two thirds down page one of your CV. So it is critical to keep your CV down to two pages and to ensure it is tailored for the job for which you are applying. So there is no point (or little point) in sending out the same CV for every job vacancy. This will just make you a part of the crowd of applicants for any decent job. Your CV needs to stand out from your competition.


For a full guide on how to create an MBA CV like the one below go to How to Write a Skills Based CV


Key Tips


Here are our key tips for writing a great MBA Skills Based CV


  • Keep it down to two pages
  • Start with a brainstorm. What are your key achievements and skills? Write them all down and only then start to categorise them under the Key Skills Area of your CV e.g. Leadership, Project Management etc
  • Your profile should be five lines that describe who you are and what you offer. This should be tailored to the job vacancy. Avoid too many meaningless adjectives like – committed, ambitious, proactive – they don’t mean much and everyone uses them. Instead put in your specific skills
  • Under each Key Skills Area heading list your achievements. Write them in the format of what you did/ to or with what/ with what outcome or result. See the example achievements in the example Skills Based CV template below
  • Change around your Key Skills Area Headings to suit the job for which you are applying. You may need to take one out and add a new one
  • When you get to your career history you only need list the company, job title and dates.


Example MBA Skills Based CV


The CV which follows provides you with a CV template to create your own. It follows all the rules of an MBA Skills Based CV. It was constructed by someone who wished to move out of HR into Operations on completion of their MBA




 Carl Pearson

170 Smith Road, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire CV39 9DU

Home telephone: 01111 123456

Mobile:                 07598 123456



Experienced Manager with a track record of successful results delivery. Strong people management and commercial skills with specific expertise in the development and implementation of change projects which enhance business effectiveness. Completing an MBA and now seeking an Operational Management role in a large manufacturing organisation


Key Skills Areas

People Management

  • Implemented a new recruitment process that increased the conversion from application to successful hire by 30%
  • Led a team of 4 professional staff which received a quality rating of 95% from the line management to which they provided a full HR service
  • Managed the objective setting and staff appraisal process for 1500 staff at the Rugby plant achieving 100% completion rate by deadline dates
  • Delivered weekly results briefing to the departmental team and identified business areas requiring improvement
  • Developed and implemented a quality first training programme which resulted in an increase in output quality from 93% to 99% over a six month period


Results Delivery


  • Managed planned and organised the successful recruitment programme for a new plant facility meeting budget and time deadlines
  • Delivered  all personal objectives over a 4 year period achieving an outstanding performance rating
  • Implemented a change management programme for recruitment administration with a project team of six. Delivered on time and realised a 20% cost saving


Employee Relations

  • Managed employee relations for the production area and through successful negotiation reduced grievances by 15% year on year
  • Acted as Secretary to the Joint Negotiating Committee responsible for agreeing the agenda with the Shop Steward and Management representatives
  • Managed all disciplinary matters in the production area up to and including dismissals with no resulting industrial action
  • Introduced new shift working contracts following successful consultation with line management and the trade unions


 Commercial Acumen

  • Produced and obtained agreement from the Executive Committee to new IT system costing £250k based on the returns over a 2 year period
  • Developed and obtained agreement to a £1m recruitment budget to hire staff for new facility based on a market survey of advertising costs and cost per hire
  • Provided a cost justification for carrying out an annual staff engagement survey costing £25k based on the estimated cost savings and revenue generation opportunities
  • Led the implementation of reduced stock holdings as part of a major change programme following London Business School lean manufacturing programme


Education and Qualifications


MBA University of Buckingham                                                                     2012 to present

Complete in December 2012


  • Elected modules in organisational behaviour and managing change
  • Group project on improving operational efficiencies in manufacturing


BSc (Hons) Economics University of Kent                                                     2005 – 2008

  • Achieved a 2.1 pass with merits in 3 modules


Career Summary


Cooper and Turnbridge PLC                                                                              2008 – 2012


Manufacturer of circuit boards employing 5000 staff across 3 manufacturing sites

in the midlands.  Sales revenue of £500m per annum.


HR Business Partner (Manufacturing)                                                             2010 – 2012


  • Responsible for all HR matters in manufacturing in the Rugby plant.
  • Led a team of 4 Recruitment and Training Staff


Recruitment Officer (Manufacturing)                                                                2008 – 2010


  • Responsible for all operative recruitment in the manufacturing area


Professional Qualifications and Development

  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Qualified user of OPQ Personality Assessment
  • Diploma in lean manufacturing from the London Business School



  • Coach to the UK Windsurfing Team
  • Volunteer fund raiser for local hospice raising £3000 per annum




Career Coaching Support


We provide extensive career coaching support to MBA students seeking that all important first role after graduation. If you need help with your CV, interview preparation or marketing yourself effectively please call to see how we can support you. All our contact details are in the side bar on this page



Tony Goddard


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