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In order to get the interviews you want there is a specific way to format a Postgraduate CV. This applies to any postgraduate degree including the MBA. In this guide we tell you how to construct you CV and provide an example postgraduate CV.




What a Recruiter Wants


Before you write your CV it’s important to understand the mindset of recruiters. They will want to see how you match the requirements of the job vacancy within around two thirds of the way down page 1. If they are expected to wade through all your history over several pages – they just won’t do it! They will create the interview shortlist based on a quick first sift of all the CVs that come in and that may be up to around 200. They will then go back through the shortlisted CVs and finalise the list for interview.


How do I know this? Well as an ex HR Director I know that’s how it was done. As a Career Coach I work with many recruitment agencies and I know that’s how they do it. Finally my coaching clients have had far more success in getting interviews by following the CV advice given here.


So what follows are the key principles for constructing a Postgraduate CV.


Keep it Short; your CV should be no more than two pages. Remember the CV is designed to get you an interview not tell your life story.


Check the Job Description; Every CV will need to be tailored to show how you meet the requirements of the job for which you are applying. So do not send the same CV out for every job.


Name and Contact Details; go across the top of the CV as shown in the example below. Make sure you have a professional sounding email address. Not something like Ferrarifans


Profile; your profile is your elevator pitch for the job and this should be tailored to highlight the key attributes that make you right for the role. In structure it should say; who you are, what you offer and what you want. Avoid using lots of empty adjectives such as motivated and ambitious they don’t say much and take up space.


Key Skills; here you identify the skills that you have that match the essential elements in the job description. Go for around 5 or 6 key skills and for each give a description that shows evidence that you have the skill. Keep each one brief and state what you did and the outcome you achieved. As you will see from the postgraduate CV example below the Profile also acts to endorse some of the skills you say you have in the profile. For example in the profile Mike talks about his brand management skill. In the key skills section he gives an example of his brand management skills. Not every skill needs to be work related. It may be you have a skill based on for example a leisure interest. In Mike’s case he is a Coach to the UK Windsurfing Team. He uses this as an example of his People Development skill.


By the end of this section you should have pretty much convinced the recruiter that you have all the right experience and skills for the job.


Education; if you are completing a full-time postgraduate degree you should put that straight after the key skills section. This enables the recruiter to see what you are currently doing and highlights your educational attainment. Make sure you put on your CV when your degree will be completed. Also highlight modules that may be relevant to the job for which you are applying


Work Experience; next list each job you have had in reverse chronological order (most recent first and working backwards). You should list all jobs, full and part-time, paid and unpaid. For each job put 1 or 2 bullet points to enable the recruiter to understand the nature of the company. Then list your key achievements in the 3W format. This means you write; what you did (action verb), to or with what and with what outcome. Here is an example from Mike’s CV that is written in this format


  • Collated and analysed regular mystery shopper returns to brief clients on what was necessary to achieve satisfaction targets, achieving a 15% increase year on year


This lets the recruiter know in a short and punchy fashion what you have achieved in your work experience.


Additional Skills; add here any particular skills that you have that might be relevant to the job, for example IT or language skills.


Education and Qualifications; this is where you put your first degree and any relevant professional qualifications that you may have


Interests and Achievements; only put this section in if it contains something that may be of interest to the recruiter. Don’t bother with it if your key interest are; reading, music and going to the pub!


Example Postgraduate CV


This example postgraduate CV follows all the guidance given above and can provide you with a template for your own CV




Mike Carver


7 Ridgeway Road, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK38 7DU

Home Telephone:   02167 123456

 Mobile:                     07657 113468





Marketing professional with experience of brand management, sales promotion and consumer research. Strong communication and interpersonal skills combined with an ability to plan and organise work so that deadlines are met. Completing an MBA and seeking a marketing career in a large consumer goods company


Key Skills


  • Market Research; completion and analysis of consumer research studies
  • Planning and Organising; ordering and delivery of sales promotion materials on time to 300 stores
  • Brand Management; creation of the Orion Group brand management manual
  • Interpersonal Skills; development of quick rapport with members of the public in consumer focus groups
  • Results Delivery; 100% completion and delivery of consumer insight analysis for client companies
  • People Development; Coach for the UK Windsurfing team


Business Education


MBA University of Buckingham                                                               2012 – present

Complete in December 2012

  • Elected modules in marketing and consumer behaviour
  • Assessed group project work on processes for a new brand launch and brand mapping


Work Experience



Brand Consulting Services                                                                         2009 – 2012

Assistant Brand Manager


  • £100m turnover brand marketing consultancy
  • Brand services to well known UK FMCG companies
  • Collated and analysed regular mystery shopper returns to brief clients on what was necessary to achieve satisfaction targets, achieving a 15% increase year on year
  • Accountable for the delivery of promotion materials to 300 stores in line with schedule with 100%  of quality and deadline targets achieved
  • Completed competitor analysis which resulted in client companies taking new brand building activity
  • Recruited customer focus groups matching demographic requirements. Briefed groups and produced client reports which led to changes in product specifications


Students Union                                                                                             2007 – 2009

Committee Member for Marketing


  • Planned, agreed and communicated the annual events schedule within timescales
  • Managed the marketing and promotion expenditure in line with budget
  • Organised the creation of promotion materials for events achieving 85% take up of tickets
  • Carried out pre and post event research with students to ensure the schedule of annual events met needs
  • Produced the marketing section of the annual Student Union report, ensuring high quality content


Tesco Store Milton Keynes                                                                         2004 – 2006

Sales Assistant (part-time)


Duties and Skills


  • Customer service: prepared orders, advised customers on products, dealt with complaints
  • Managing pressure: maintained high levels of customer service whilst keeping queues short during busiest periods
  • Service quality: ensured that at all times assigned sections contained in date stock
  • Selling: held responsibility for key promotional lines in the section, ensured that customers were aware of products and the value offered


Additional Skills


  • Strong skills in the use of databases
  • Extensive experience with Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Conversational French


Education and Qualifications


BSc (Hons.) Economics University of Kent                                               2006 – 2009

Achieved a 2.1 pass with merits in 3 modules


The Rightsome School Milton Keynes                                                       2000 – 2006


  • A Levels: English (A), History (B), French (B)
  • GCSEs:    8 grades A* – C including English and Maths


Achievements and Interests


  • Developed and run an online shopping blog
  • Raised £3000 for local hospice by completing a marathon
  • Coach to the UK Windsurfing Team






Tony Goddard


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