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When a job vacancy can attract 100 plus CVs it is critical that your CV profile hooks the recruiter immediately.



What is a CV Profile?

The fashion for how to write a CV is always evolving. At present it is normal to write a profile of yourself at the top of your CV underneath your contact details.


Why Use a CV Profile?

It is fairly common knowledge that when faced with a pile of CV recruiters tend to make their mind up on the quality of the application within two thirds of the way down page one. For this reason that part of your CV needs to be powerful and communicate well how you meet the requirements of the job.


An important way of doing this is to write a profile of yourself in around 5 lines. The profile should immediately tell the recruiter why they should interview you for the job.


Creating Your CV Profile

Your profile is your ‘elevator pitch’. A short statement of why you are right for the job. So prior to writing your CV profile check out what the requirements of the job are. Yes, this means you need to tailor your profile on each CV that you send out. It’s no good talking about your great budgeting and planning and organisation skills if the job is looking for someone with leadership and sales development skills!


Writing Your CV Profile

Your CV profile should say three things about you – who you are (professional background), what you offer (linked to the job vacancy) and what you are looking for. It is normally better to write it in the third person than first as this is considered to be more businesslike.


So remember the first thing to do is to check the requirements of the job. If for example the job requires strong leadership, planning and organising and sales development skills, the profile might look like this:



A General Manager with ten years experience of successfully motivating a sales team to achieve targets. Strong planning and organising skills used to schedule all parts of the sales process for a team of 25 sales people. Now looking for a leadership role in an FMCG company


With this kind of profile a recruiter can immediately see how you match the requirements for the job. Do not try and get all the job requirements into the profile. This would make it too long and a bit obvious! Pick what you consider to be the way you meet the key requirements.


The other ways in which you meet the requirements can be covered in other sections of your CV see How to Write a Successful CV. This shows you how to write a CV and contains an example CV and CV template





Tony Goddard

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