Client Testimonials

All coaching arrangements are confidential. The clients listed below agreed to have their comments about their coaching posted on an anonymous basis

Executive Coaching Testimonials | See: Career Coaching Testimonials

  • ‘Your coaching has helped me focus on what others see that I may not. I have been able to deal with areas of concern in a far more positive but informal way. Listening is an art, as is making people comfortable, you do both superbly. As a result of our time together I have a clear plan of action for achieving success.’

    Operations Director
  • ‘Through my coaching I have developed a much higher level of self-awareness and this has given me a much better insight into the way I am seen by other members of the Executive Team. As a result I have been able to develop much more influence with my peer group’

    Group Sales Director
  • ‘Being new to my role I thought that by focusing on the delivery of my functional objectives that I would continue to be successful. My coaching has made me much more aware of the team role I am expected to play as part of the Executive Team’

    Director of Property
  • ‘My Coach has been a real pleasure to work with and added real value to my own development in his coaching capacity. By leveraging a wealth of experience and keen insight my Coach created a supportive environment which allowed for both investigation and deep self-reflection. His methodology worked and he is a great person to spend time with to boot.’

    Manager – Recruiter Relationships
  • ‘Our coaching has provided me with the opportunity to really consider the future direction of our business. We now have a strategy in place that will enable us to grow market share and sales revenues.’

    Managing Director
  • ‘My Coach is really gifted at asking the question you didn’t really want to be asked. This enables you to reflect and gain insights that would have otherwise remained elusive. However his ability to build rapport and trust means that you never feel uncomfortable in this situation. You feel energised to be coached by someone who really wants you to be the best you can be – not just someone who is paying the concept lip service.’

    Head of Corporate HR
  • ‘My Coach is just a great person to work with. He’ll challenge you in a way you least expect, which develops you both as a person and a business person. He’s realistic about what can be achieved and works as a partner to deliver it.’

    Chief Executive

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