Coaching Courses



Our Coaching Courses provide Managers with one of the key leadership skills for staff development. Those who use coaching skills experience a number of important personal and business benefits, such as

  • Having an important skill for staff development
  • Increased levels of commitment to the achievement of projects and tasks
  • Team members who achieve a sustainable improvement in skills and competencies
  • An increase in team motivation and engagement
  • Greater creativity and breadth of ideas from team members
  • More team members with the potential for promotion
  • Development in personal leadership skills as a result of enhanced active listening and questioning skills


Our Coaching Courses


We provide three in-house coaching courses for Managers, each of which progressively enhances coaching skills;


Coaching Skills for Managers


This one day coaching skills course enables Managers

  • To use the GROW model for one to one coaching of their staff
  • To understand the principles of coaching such as – listening, questioning, raising awareness
  • To understand key ethical questions about confidentiality
  • To facilitate sustained staff development through coaching

This is a highly interactive course which includes a live coaching demonstration and delegates coaching each other on real coaching topics.


The Manager as Coach


This two day coaching skills course has an increased level of theoretical input and coaching practice than Coaching Skills for Managers. It involves Managers being asked to Coach non course delegates on a real life coaching topic. The course enables Managers;

  • To use the GROW model for the one to one coaching of staff
  • To have an appreciation of other coaching models and frameworks
  • To understand the ethics of coaching, in particular those that face internal coaches
  • To confidently use – active listening, questions to raise awareness, miracle questions, scaling techniques and silence
  • To understand the critical importance of the coaching relationship and how it is developed
  • To understand when to use coaching for staff development and when other interventions may be better


Coaching Skills Certificate


This three day coaching course runs as a two day module followed by a one day module a month later. After completing the Manager as Coach programme delegates are asked to coach three members of staff over four weeks. For each coaching session they are asked to complete reflective notes on the session to pull out the important learnings. Managers are expected to send the Coach Tutor a copy of their reflective notes on each session and this is an important requirement to be awarded with the Certificate.


On the third day the content is;

  • Learnings from the three staff coaching sessions are reviewed within small groups
  • The key learnings are discussed within the whole group
  • A theory session on a specific coaching approach which is pre-agreed with the sponsoring organisation
  • A final coaching practice session on a real life topic with another course delegate


The key to all these coaching courses is the use of practical coaching sessions on real topics. We find that this avoids all the normal difficulties associated with role play and Managers quickly learn effective coaching skills.


As a Company we provide coaching skills courses for Mangers on the Birmingham City University Post Graduate Leadership Programme. We also work with other learning providers. If you want to run an in-house coaching course please call us to discuss your requirements. We are very happy to tailor the programmes we offer such that they fit your Company objectives, context and culture.




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