Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching – An investment in talented individuals

Executive Coaching is an investment that organisations often make in the people they believe have talent. Executive Coaching has been shown to enhance business performance and provide a return of up to six times the original investment.



Directors and Managers frequently face situations that cannot be resolved by a training course or well meaning advice about what to do. This is where Executive Coaching can provide the structure and space to consider a personal or business topic in order to achieve new insights and fresh perspectives. We work in partnership with our Executive and Manager coaching Clients to enable them to generate their own solutions and action plans which can then be applied in the business to improve results.


Executive Coaching Assignments

We have supported Clients with Executive Coaching to successfully resolve questions and topics such as:

  • How can I change my leadership style to get better performance from my team?
  • How do I improve relationships with other members of the Executive team?
  • What do I need to do in order to develop the leadership skills to be successful in my new role?
  • How do I build my self-confidence to enable me to be successful in my new role?
  • How do I improve my 360 feedback ratings following my senior management development programme?
  • First 100 days Career Coaching for a new Marketing Director to enable her to make a fast impact in the business
  • Career Coaching support for Managers that have attended a development centre to build competencies and achieve career plans

In our post coaching evaluations our Clients report that Executive Coaching has enabled them to achieve their objectives.


Please click on this link to find examples of our Executive Coaching Success Stories . Here we give you more detailed examples of a number of assignments and the results achieved by our Executive Coaching Clients.


Our Executive Coaching Approach

Our Executive Coaching style has been described as practical, engaging and offering the appropriate level of personal stretch and challenge. We treat each Executive Coaching and Manager Coaching Client and their topic as unique and therefore tailor our approach to the needs and preferences of our Client. For this reason we do not adopt one specific style of Executive Coaching and each Executive Coach works to find the approach that enables an individual to meet his or her coaching objectives.


Our aim is to build a strong and understanding Executive Coaching Relationship as the foundation for successful coaching. Our Executive and Manager Coaching Clients say that they value the ability to discuss their topics in a confidential setting with someone who is independent from the Company.


Choosing an Executive Coach

Every Executive Coaching assignment starts with a chemistry meeting to make sure that the client feels that the Executive Coach is someone with whom they are comfortable to work. This is critical to ensuring a strong coaching partnership and the successful completion of the Executive Coaching objectives. Our Executive Coaching assignments can be short or long term this depends on the topic and how long it may take to resolve.


You can also be assured that each Executive Coach that works with our Company has had significant business experience prior to working in Executive Coaching. This enables an Executive Coach to understand the complexities and challenges of business life which face Executives and Managers. Every Executive Coach is professionally qualified and accredited and has a track record of enabling Executive and Manager Coaching Clients to achieve their objectives.


Our Executive Coaching and Manager Coaching Clients

Our Executive Coaching Clients are from well known organisations across most business sectors. We work with Executive Coaching Clients in middle and senior management roles across most functional areas including; Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, IT and HR. This is a list of some of our Executive and Manager Coaching Clients. To find out more about what they have to say about their Executive Coach and the value of their coaching please take the time to read their Executive Coaching Testimonials.


Want To Know More About Executive Coaching?

We would be happy to hear from you if you would like to know more about our Executive Coaching services. Please call us to see how we can meet your Executive or Manager Coaching requirements.







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