A Day in the Life of an Executive Coach

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One day recently I sat back and looked at the skills I had developed since leaving a job with a large corporate and establishing my own Executive Coaching Company.  In this article I have cheated a little in order to explain the range of things you might have to do if you are considering developing your own Executive Coaching Company. I have packed into one day the whole spectrum of tasks that are required to run a successful business.




It’s pretty obvious that to run an Executive Coaching business you need clients. In the current client they are not just going to come knocking at your door. So you need a variety of ways of letting companies and individuals know what it is you can do to help them achieve their goals. I would say that very little work comes from straight forward advertising. Most Executive Coaching clients hire the coach because of who he or she is rather than making the decision based on a company coaching brand. This might be by referral from a previous client, or based on networking and marketing done by you. In a typical day you might


  • Meet with network contacts to talk about what you are doing and what’s happening in their company.
  • Make networking calls to arrange a good flow of meetings each week
  • Be writing blog articles like this one for your website to improve website presence in search engines and to draw people to your website who are interested in the article’s subject matter
  • Be meeting up with colleague coaches to establish collaborative working relationships. This benefits both parties when a large coaching contract comes in and additional support is required
  • Meeting you web designer to refresh, or amend your website so that it meets its purpose be that marketing or as a reference point for clients


Executive Coaching


  • Preparing for a future client meeting by reviewing the results of a 360 feedback you have managed
  • Reviewing the coaching notes for the clients you will be meeting in the next few days in order to prepare for the meetings
  • Confirming that clients can still make their meetings for the week. This is well worth doing otherwise you can find clients cancel at the last minute
  • Establishing a coaching contract with a new client and sponsoring company
  • Having a chemistry meeting with potential new clients – it’s normal practice to offer coachees a choice of two Executive Coaches, so they can decide who they believe they will have a stronger coaching relationship with
  • Meeting with existing coaching clients to continue to support them in achieving their coaching objectives
  • Pulling together a team of associate coaches to meet the demands of a big contract
  • Meeting a sponsor to evaluate the benefits of a completed programme of executive coaching


Professional Development


As an Executive Coach it is important to ensure you continue to build your professional skills


  • Meeting my Coaching supervisor to enhance my coaching skills
  • Attending Association of Coaching events (some coaches belong to different professional associations)
  • Attending short courses on specific coaching topics
  • Reading latest books and articles on executive coaching and leadership




It’s not why you set out to run your own business, but there always seems to be a lot of administration to be done


  • Writing up coaching notes from client meetings
  • Processing all your expenses claims for petrol etc
  • Sending out invoices for services (the nice part!)
  • Paying invoices for services received (not so good part)
  • Sorting out your quarterly profit and loss and VAT bill


One of the biggest things you notice as a small business owner compared to life in a large corporate enterprise is that you are alone. You have to be able to do the marketing, finances, administration as well as having the skills of a great Executive Coach. It is a highly competitive and pretty fragmented market so you have to be prepared to get out there and differentiate yourself from the 30,000 other coaches in the UK. In meeting other Coaches this is one of the things they find most difficult. They may be excellent coaches but nobody knows about them.  If you can successfully establish yourself the business offers great rewards in terms of job satisfaction, challenge and a balanced lifestyle.




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