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Making the decision to use Executive Coaching to help you on a topic can be difficult if you have little or no idea about how Executive Coaching works.


5 Tips for Deciding if Executive Coaching is for you


Here we provide you with 5 tips on whether Executive Coaching could help you.


  • Motivation; do you have a topic that you really want to solve or work on? If it’s not important to you coaching is unlikely to work. For example if your boss says you need to improve your internal networking and you don’t really agree, coaching is unlikely to be helpful
  • Executive Coach; when you meet your Executive Coach (and you should before you decide to go ahead) is he, or she, someone you feel you have a good personal chemistry with and believe you can trust?
  • Commitment; for coaching to work you need to be committed to the process. This means being open and honest. This may make you feel a bit vulnerable at times. Do you have this level of commitment?
  • Coaching Objectives; you should play a key role in agreeing the coaching objectives. They should not be set by the Coach or HR. Although you would expect your boss to be involved in the process. The coaching contract should be for an agreed period with inbuilt reviews. It should not be open ended
  • Topics and Confidentiality; Executive coaching can help you find the answers to a wide range of topics such as: leadership, change management, competency development and career development. It is not suited to resolving psychological dysfunctions such as phobias or OCD. For these you should seek help from a qualified therapist


If Executive Coaching is the right decision I can promise you that you can achieve significant results fairly quickly. We have worked with coaching clients from all functions across a wide range of organisations. Our clients often comment on how quickly they start to resolve their coaching topics. They have also said that coaching provides a unique relationship with someone who has ‘no axe to grind’ and who is committed to their success.


If you would like to know more about Executive Coaching please call us, or send an email (details in side bar). We are always happy to answer any questions regardless of whether you decide to go ahead with coaching.





Tony Goddard

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