Can Executive Coaching Help Me?

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Often companies and individuals are unsure what kind of topics Executive Coaching can help them with.



What Can Be Resolved with Executive Coaching?


In reality provided two things are in place Executive Coaching can help you resolve most work and business related topics. The two things that are critical to success are that you (as the potential client) agree that the topic is one that needs to be resolved and that you are motivated to make the necessary changes. This seems really obvious but occasionally a company will decide that someone needs coaching on a subject and the individual does not really agree. As a result the individual doesn’t have the energy or motivation to make the changes required.


However if you do agree that changes need to be made Executive Coaching is an extremely effective way of helping you achieve your objectives quickly.


Executive Coaching Topics


The topics listed here are based on the diverse range of issues and questions we have worked on with our clients. They are also based on the work we know that other Executive Coaching companies have done for clients. Executive Coaching can help you with:


  • Improving self-confidence
  • Building interpersonal skills
  • Developing leadership competencies
  • Personal development topics arising from 360 feedback
  • Building levels of influence
  • Making your next career move
  • Building personal profile
  • Implementing major change
  • Working through most business issues
  • Developing general management skills
  • Moving from a functional specialism to a broader general management role
  • Enhancing performance management skills
  • Making presentations and public speaking
  • Resolving relationship issues and conflicts


How Does Executive Coaching Work?


It works on the basis that the person who best understands the situation and company is you. So an Executive Coach will not come in and tell you what or how to do something. A great coach will ask you questions designed to get you to view your topic in different ways than you have up to now. I liken this to taking you up in a helicopter and allowing you to see your topic from a whole range of different perspectives. This enables you to develop fresh thinking on how to best resolve your topic.


An Executive Coach should also challenge your thinking by checking the evidence for your views and highlighting contradictions in your thoughts, ideas and feelings. As a part of Executive Coaching it may also be relevant for the coach to give you models, tools and techniques to help you achieve your objectives. A good coach may also offer you some suggestions to consider where they have relevant skills and experience.


How Successful is Executive Coaching?


At the start of any executive coaching assignment a set of coaching objectives are agreed between the client, sponsor (person paying for the coaching) and the Executive Coach. These objectives are based on ‘what will be different if the coaching is a success – what would we see and hear? These objectives should be reviewed half way through the coaching and again on completion.


We know with our own clients that coaching has enabled them to achieve their objectives and in many cases they are able to attribute a value to the changes. So, for example, a senior manager that wanted to delegate more, so he could focus on an efficiency programme, was able to point to a £750k improvement in costs as a result of the time he was able to free up through more effective delegation.


 Want to Know More?


If you think Executive Coaching can help you achieve the breakthrough you want please call us. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have. All our contact details are in the side bar of this web page.





Tony Goddard


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