The Power of Executive Coaching

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Who wouldn’t like a 50 fold return on their investment? Well Executive Coaching has been shown to produce this level of ROI to organisations.  So what is it that makes Executive Coaching such a powerful personal development tool?


 The Executive Coaching Process


One of the main reasons Executive Coaching provides such high levels of return is because of the process used. An important caveat here is that the process is managed by a qualified Executive Coach.


In Executive Coaching the Client is not told what to do. As Carl Jung said ‘giving advice is a doubtful remedy, but not dangerous since it has so little effect’. In Coaching the Client is enabled to see their issue, or topic, with a new and fresh perspective and this makes them aware of different ways of resolving their dilemma. It is because Clients make their own decisions what to do that Coaching works so well.  After all the person that really understands the situation under discussion is the Executive Coaching Client.


So for example if reviewing a change process a Consultants approach would be to recommend a particular course of action based on their findings and expertise. However often change programmes do not stick because management has been told what to do and the Consultants don’t know what those involved really think about their idea.


If the same issue was dealt with through Executive Coaching the Client might decide to create a consultative group of the most influential managers and use them as a sounding board prior to implementation. They might choose this route because they know it has worked well before. It’s worth pointing out that Executive Coaching can be with one Client or it can be Team Coaching.


Executive Coaching Delivers Effective Implementation


The reason for this is immediately obvious when you see what it does for Executive Coaching Clients;

  •  Commitment; because the ideas for implementation have been determined by the Client. This means they are much more likely to happen
  •  Self-Motivation; the Client has decided the best route forward and as a result is much more self-motivated to make sure the action plan is a success
  •  Clarity; the outcome of coaching is an agreed set of timed actions with accountabilities. As a result everyone knows exactly what has to be done
  •  Self-Belief; The Client will have carefully considered the resources required to deliver the plan, they will also have looked at the barriers that need to be overcome to achieve success. As a result they will have high levels of self-belief
  •  Action; It’s the Client’s plan and choice and therefore unsurprisingly it normally gets delivered


If Executive Coaching is delivered well it really would be hard not to get a return on investment. There are times when it can be difficult to find – but it is there.





Tony Goddard






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