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People are sometimes unsure of how Executive Coaching might help them. These Executive Coaching success stories are examples of the type of coaching assignments we undertake and their results.



Who Was Coached

  •  A newly appointed female Partner in a global professional services firm. The Partner had joined from a similar business which had an aggressive and individual approach to business development. The new company took a far more collegiate approach to business development. The aim of the Executive Coaching was to facilitate a smooth 100 day transition into the new company.


What Was Achieved

  • A clear understanding of what success in the new role would look like in 12 months


  • A list of key players with whom the Partner needed to build relationships with internationally


  • Ongoing feedback on how well the Partner’s behaviours matched the culture of the company


  • Successful achievement, rated by 360 feedback, of the 12 month goals for internal and external network, integration with culture and year 1 revenue targets


 Who Was Coached

  •  The Property Director of a large hospitality company.  The objective of the Executive Coaching was to develop better engagement with other colleagues on the Executive Committee


What Was Achieved

  •  A recognition that what had made him successful up to now would not be enough to be successful as a member of the Executive Committee


  • An understanding of the broader contribution (outside his functional expertise) required to the overall leadership of the company


  • An action plan for developing better professional relationships with colleagues on the Executive Committee


  • Following implementation of his plan, feedback from the CEO that his performance as an Executive Committee member had achieved the standards expected


 Who Was Coached

  •  Executive Coaching for the Sales Director of a national hotel chain on building and improving the relationship with her CEO


What Was Achieved

  •  An understanding of the causes of friction through the use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and feedback from Executive Committee colleagues


  • The development of new behaviours designed to build influence with the CEO where there was a difference of opinion on ideas and proposals


  • Recognition of the need to shape behaviours to influence people with a different personality type


  • Positive feedback on the relationship with the CEO resulting in a bigger role and broader responsibilities



Who Was Coached

  •  Executive Coaching for the Senior Finance Manager of a FTSE 250 business on building the motivation of the team that he led. The individual was highly respected in the business but he was losing valuable members of the team as a result of his management style


What Was Achieved

  •  A far greater awareness of how his management style was perceived by members of his team. This was achieved through a facilitated team session based on the company staff attitude survey


  • The introduction of new management practices including; regular Monday team catch up sessions to plan and organise work priorities, 1:1 development and potential reviews for team members, regular structured 1:1 business reviews, training programmes where skills needed to be improved


  • 70% reduction in staff turnover levels and 30% improvement in staff engagement scores


Who Was Coached

  •  A high potential General Manager who was finding it difficult to delegate responsibilities and as a result was unable to operate at the strategic level that the company wanted


What Was Achieved

  •  An understanding of the underlying reasons for his need to be in personal control of activity


  • Identified methods of delegation that allowed him to free his time with the reassurance the tasks would be successfully completed


  • Introduced new team meeting sessions with the clear purpose of reviewing progress on projects that had been delegated to the senior management team members


  • As a result of his modified management approach the General Manager initiated a number of projects to improve quality and reduce costs. He has now been promoted to lead a major change project with the aim of reducing the organisation from three smaller manufacturing sites to one large facility


Who Was Coached

  •  Career Coaching for a PhD qualified Engineering Manager in a large multi-national business who wanted to use the opportunity offered by his company’s sponsorship of an MBA, to move across to the Business Development function in the organisation


What Was Achieved

  • A skills audit to establish how well he fitted the requirements for working in the Business Development function


  • A networking plan which was auctioned to raise his profile with the Business Development Director and Team


  • A means of using his MBA studies to influence the organisation to enable his desired career move to take place


  • Appointed to the Business Development team after 12 months of coaching



If you would like to know more about our Executive Coaching services please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this by phone or email using the details on the side bar.



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