Why Hire an Executive Coach?

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It is often said that at a senior management level you are in a feedback free zone. Nobody wants to upset you by telling you the truth.



As a result you really have no idea of how you are doing other than by some obvious output measures such as turnover of senior management, sales performance, achievement of targets etc. The problem is that these are likely to be lag indicators in that they happen sometime after you have taken a wrong turning.


As a senior manager an organisation it can feel a bit like a jungle – you don’t want to show any signs of a weakness in case it causes you to be moved on. This means that not only are people reluctant to give you feedback, you may well not want it anyway. So you are sitting there not really knowing what people think. So how could you identify your development needs or those things that your team think you do really well?


It is for all these reasons that Executive Coaching can be an extremely valuable development tool for CEOs and Directors. If you choose the right Executive Coach you should have a relationship where you feel able to discuss your development areas. A Coach is not involved in any internal political agenda and can be trusted to keep the content of any conversation confidential. Equally a good Executive Coach will be able to give you feedback on your behaviour and decisions without worrying about losing their job.


In research which I completed recently, Directors who were working with a coach described their coaching relationship as unique. It meant they had someone to work with who listened to them, understood their situation and were committed to their success. This really says it all.


So Executive Coaching can provide a valuable personal development tool for those at the top. Finally coaching may well not be about building capability. It is often about maintaining the highest level of performance. Using a sporting analogy – even the biggest stars have a good coach. In these cases the coach often highlights what went well so it can be repeated again next time.


If you would like to know more about Executive Coaching please contact me to talk it over. There is no obligation on you to use our Company or take the idea of Executive Coaching any further.






Tony Goddard


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