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Management Coaching is an ideal way of providing tailored development to enhance the performance and future potential of middle and senior management. It is particularly effective in building and improving leadership behaviours.



Management Coaching Company


As a management coaching company based in the midlands we have extensive experience of working with well known companies across the UK to help develop the skills and competencies of leaders. We have worked with management coaching clients who


  • have moved from a specialist role in to a general management role
  • have been recently promoted
  • have taken on increased people management responsibilities
  • need support in developing a particular management competency


How Management Coaching Works


Management coaching provides managers with the opportunity to see their coaching topics from a new and different perspective. The management coach facilitates this by asking questions which enable a manager to see things in a different way. Coaching also serves to get managers to consider their perspective of a topic and compare it with the perspectives of others. A good example of this might be leadership style where a manager sees her leadership style as professional and objective but her team see her as cold and aloof.


The aim in management coaching is for the manager to decide on the right course of action and to formulate a plan for implementation. The management coach will work with the client to support the execution of the plan by helping identify possible barriers and ways around them.


Because of the very individual nature of management coaching it is often much more effective in helping clients achieve real behavioural change than a training course. Training courses are great for providing leadership education but sometimes less good at enabling the manager to make behavioural changes in the work place.


Management Coaching Contract

When establishing a coaching contract there are several important stages


  • Sponsor brief; the line manager of the potential client identifies what it is that needs to change and discusses this with the manager. If the manager accepts the need for change a chemistry meeting is set up with the management coach
  • Chemistry meeting; this provides the opportunity for the manager to meet the coach and for the two of them to decide if they will have the relationship that will enable them to work successfully together
  • Contracting; the sponsor, manager and coach meet together to set the coaching objectives. The purpose of this meeting is to set clear objectives for the coaching and to define what success will look like. In this meeting the number of coaching sessions are determined along with the boundaries of confidentiality
  • Coaching Review; there is a review of progress against the coaching objectives at the half way stage and at the end of the coaching contract. These meetings evaluate the success of the coaching


Management Coaching Topics


Management coaching can address a wide range of personal and business related topics. Here are a few that we have worked on with our management coaching clients:


  • Building personal impact and profile with senior management
  • Enhancing influencing skills
  • Developing more effective relationships
  • Presentation skills
  • Interview skills
  • Building staff motivation and engagement
  • Leadership development
  • Self-confidence



Management Coaching with Tony Goddard Consulting


All our management Coaches are professionally qualified with post graduate coaching qualifications. We have successfully helped clients from a wide range of business sectors and functions and more details are available on our Coaching Client and Testimonial pages.


If you would like to discuss management coaching with us please contact us. All our contact details are contained in the side bar on this web page.





Tony Goddard


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