Strengths-Based Executive Coaching Research Study

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As a school of thought Positive Psychology has been around for over 40 years. More recently many of the principles of positive psychology have found their way into Executive Coaching. This is apparent in an approach such as strengths-based coaching. Teresa Clifford’s research challenges strength-based coaching by looking at the experience of executive coaching clients during this coaching process. Using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, data from semi-structured interviews and coaching sessions with six female participants was analysed.


The findings suggest that strengths-based coaching could be improved by taking account of several key factors that appeared to influence how participants responded to exploring their strengths. Furthermore, the study considers the implications for various elements in the executive coaching process such as the executive coaching relationship, the structuring of coaching interventions, the skills and role of the executive coach and the issues for which strengths-based executive coaching may be appropriate.


This article was first published the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring Special Issue No.5, June 2011.


Strengths-Based Executive Coaching Research Study


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