Success in Your First Manager Role

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So it’s finally happened. You have been promoted to lead your first team of people. Congratulations! Have you thought through what it will take to be a success?

10 Tips For Success as a Manager

  • Team Success: being good at your own job may have got you your promotion. As a Manager you have to enable your whole team to deliver what’s expected. Your reputation and that of your team will depend on it.

Managing a Team

  • Recruit the Best: learn how to recruit and select the very best candidates. These may not be the people you like the most. A Manager’s job becomes so much easier with excellent performers in the team


  • Train, Train, Train: make sure you train new team members to operate at the highest performance level. This includes ensuring that they understand what’s expected and how the team works together


  • Getting to Know You: take the time to find out about each team member of the team. Find out ‘what makes them tick’. Also share some of the things they might like to know about you. This builds strong relationships and will help you understand what’s likely to motivate the individuals in your team


  • Fair and Consistent: treat individuals in a fair and consistent manner. Follow the principle that you ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’.


  • Manage Performance: make sure everyone knows what’s expected of them. Where possible set annual performance objectives. If that’s not possible set shorter term targets eg weekly or monthly. Make time to sit down and discuss performance with each member of the team. This gives them the time to discuss any problems they might have. You can talk about any further help that they may need from you. Remember to praise good performance!


  • Communicate: hold regular team meetings to communicate what’s going on in the organisation. Use the meetings to cover other important points to you and the team such as; successes, solving problems, managing workload, implementing changes


  • Be an Ambassador: for your team, let people know how well they are doing. Check out how those people who receive a service from you feel. This allows you to put things right before they become a big problem. Or better still you can tell your team what a great job they are doing.

The first 8 tips are concerned with you and your team. This is the bedrock of success. The following 2 tips cover slightly different areas which are also important to success.

  • Understand Finance: in most organisations it is very important that as a Manager you understand how to read the financial reports. This will increase your credibility as a Manager and you can use the information to brief your team


  • Be Seen as Helpful: make sure the team is seen as a group that will always do their best to deliver what’s promised. You do not want to get a reputation as a team with which it is difficult to work


Based on our experience of coaching successful new Managers these are the key areas to get right. If you do these well you will enhance your own reputation and that of the team.


Tony Goddard

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