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When you start as an Executive Coach one of the last things you tend to think about is your Executive Coaching Contract documentation. Your focus is more on marketing your business rather than the administration. This article is written to help those who need a template executive coaching contract. It contains the main details that need to be covered. But you will need to tailor it to the way in which you organise your own coaching contract.


It is worth using a formal contract document and big companies will expect you to have one. By getting this signed prior to the commencement of coaching all the details of the contract are agreed in advance. It means that the executive coaching work can take place with all parties understanding what will be provided and at what cost. In the event of dispute or cancellations this template covers what will happen. I hope you find it helpful. You may well want to get the contract checked by a Solicitor in advance of using it. However it has served its purpose well up to now.



Template Executive Coaching Contract


Organisation: XYZ Company Ltd


Coaching Client: A Client


Executive Coaching Objectives:


To complete 360 feedback on engagement of key stakeholders at the start of coaching and post coaching. Overall rating to move up by an one mark on a 1-5 rating scale.


Coaching Structure:


Number and frequency of sessions: Twelve hours face to face coaching.  Plus 2 days collecting and collating 360 feedback from 5 people. Provision of phone coaching service and all coaching administration.


Progress reports: Review against objectives after 6 hours face to face coaching. Final review after 12 hours coaching.


Executive Coaching Fee Structure:


Coaching fees: £0000 (plus VAT) to cover the cost of all coaching including 360 feedback before and after executive coaching, assignments, telephone and e mail contact


Assessment materials: 360 feedback tool


Expenses: Mileage @ 00p per mile, plus any incidental expenses – coffee/refreshments


Invoicing: Executive Coaching fees invoiced in advance.  Expenses invoiced at the end of the contract.


Cancellation: Fees will be reimbursed on a pro-rated basis for hours not completed in the agreed executive coaching provision above.  Where an individual session is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice the fee will be payable at £000 (plus VAT) per session.  Any additional coaching required to cover a cancelled session will be invoiced at £000 (plus VAT) per session.




The coaching will be covered by the Association for Coaching code of ethics.


The content of any conversation between the client and coach during the executive coaching will be confidential.  Arrangements for progress reports will be as described in the section above on the coaching structure.


The client is responsible for his or her own achievements and success.  The coach cannot and does not promise that the client will take any specific action or attain specific goals.


The coach does not provide counselling or therapy.


The signing of this form by the organisation and coach constitutes an acceptance by the organisation that the coach has been contracted to perform the agreed upon executive coaching services. The terms of the agreement will apply unless modified in a subsequent letter.




Signed on behalf of the Organisation_____________________________________________________




Signed on behalf of the Coaching Company_____________________________________________________








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