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Tips for Becoming More Assertive

January 23, 2016  |   Executive Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Assertive, Submissive, and Aggressive Behaviour

The way we behave in different circumstances and conditions can be termed under three different ‘types’ of behaviour – Submissive, Assertive and Aggressive. We all exhibit these three types of behaviour in different circumstances, though we may tend to emphasise one of them more than the others. Continue reading “Tips for Becoming More Assertive” »

Assertiveness Self – Questionnaire

November 23, 2011  |   Executive Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

How assertive are you? Assertive behaviour tends to be exhibited by those who respect the rights of other people to express their ideas, feelings, and needs, while at the same time recognising that they too have the right to express and pursue such matters. Continue reading “Assertiveness Self – Questionnaire” »

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