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Help Me Find a Career

August 21, 2011  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

‘Help me find a career’ is the request from many of our career coaching clients. They are not alone, there are around 2 million Google searches a month on ‘help me find a career’. Having the right career is so important to overall happiness and satisfaction with life. Continue reading “Help Me Find a Career” »

Interview Questions

August 19, 2011  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment


Do you want to know the most common interview questions? Well this article attempts to list out those reported back by our career coaching clients. It also includes all the accumulated interviewing experience of the author who interviewed hundreds of candidates in his career in HR. Continue reading “Interview Questions” »

Cover Letter Examples

August 17, 2011  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Many career coaching clients wonder what to put in a cover letter with their CV or Resume.  In this article we provide you with plenty of advice, hints and tips, as well a two example letters that you can use as templates to suit your own needs.

Continue reading “Cover Letter Examples” »

Interviews – Overcoming Nerves At Interview

August 13, 2011  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Overcoming nerves at interviews can be important to ensure you give your best and most polished performance. Most people have some nerves at interviews and that’s probably not a bad thing. But if your nerves have an influence on how you come across and answer the questions at interviews, it could have a negative effect on your chances of getting the job. Continue reading “Interviews – Overcoming Nerves At Interview” »

Hiring a Career Coach Can Help You Find a New Job

July 27, 2011  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

What is Career Coaching?

A Career Coach is an expert in the job market and will help you avoid many of the errors that people make when they are seeking new employment. This means you should be able to get back into a job more quickly than those following a do it yourself route.

Continue reading “Hiring a Career Coach Can Help You Find a New Job” »

Promotion – Tips for Getting Your Next Career Move

June 21, 2011  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Just Being Good at What You Do Won’t Get You There


In our career coaching we find that many people believe that if they work hard and perform well they will get the promotion they deserve.  Unfortunately this is not the case and getting promotion requires a bit more focus and effort than that.

Continue reading “Promotion – Tips for Getting Your Next Career Move” »

A Successful First 100 Days in a New Job

May 10, 2011  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

It is commonly recognised that a successful first 100 days in a new job is critical to how you are regarded in your company. Indeed there are figures which show that people who experience a poor first 100 days leave a company earlier and more quickly than those who manage the transition period successfully.  Some believe this figure may well be over 50%.

Continue reading “A Successful First 100 Days in a New Job” »

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