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20 Essential Tips for Getting a Job

August 26, 2018  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

The tips given here are based on many years of enabling clients to get the job that they wanted. It also includes some advice based on my time on the other side of the desk as an HR Director. If you follow the advice here you will be better placed to get the job than 80% of your competition. But be aware getting the job that you want takes time and effort.

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Blog Article Ideas

November 26, 2014  |   Coaching Latest News   |     |   0 Comment

There are two types of articles and guides in our Blog. We write articles on careers and these cover both how to successfully get a job and how to build your career. Our other main theme is Executive Coaching and here we write articles we hope will be of interest to both Coaches and Clients. Continue reading “Blog Article Ideas” »

Deciding Whether the Job is Right For You

October 08, 2014  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Many people think that the recruitment process is designed to see if they are the best for the job. It is, but it is also your chance to assess your potential new boss and the company that may end up employing you. Continue reading “Deciding Whether the Job is Right For You” »

Interviews – How to be Successful

January 08, 2014  |   Career Coaching Blog,Featured   |     |   0 Comment

The advice and guidance given in this article is based on our work with our career coaching clients.  Often when people are unsuccessful at interviews you will hear them say things like; I was very nervous, some of the interview questions were very difficult, I forgot to tell the interviewer about a really important achievement.

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What Do You Want To Ask Us?

August 07, 2013  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

For some reason many interview candidates find ‘what do you want to ask us?’ one of the more difficult interview questions. Continue reading “What Do You Want To Ask Us?” »

Interview Preparation

February 24, 2013  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

The good news is that you have got an interview! What’s amazing is the number of people that fail to prepare for their interview and as a result blow it. Continue reading “Interview Preparation” »

Graduate Job Interviews

September 30, 2012  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

You have finished your degree and finally you have the chance to get out and earn some real money to pay off those debts. But first of all you have to be successful in your job interview.  In this article we give you some key tips for being successful at graduate job interviews. Continue reading “Graduate Job Interviews” »

5 Cardinal Interview Sins

January 31, 2012  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment

In this article we list 5 things to avoid doing at all costs in any management interview!  The list is compiled based on feedback from recruiters, our coaching clients and recruitment agencies. Continue reading “5 Cardinal Interview Sins” »

Difficult Interview Questions – How to Answer Them

December 07, 2011  |   Career Coaching Blog,Featured   |     |   0 Comment

This guide looks at difficult interview questions and how to answer them. In our career coaching practice often clients have not been for an interview for a long time. So they can be nervous about them, particularly about what they term difficult questions.

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Interview Questions

August 19, 2011  |   Career Coaching Blog   |     |   0 Comment


Do you want to know the most common interview questions? Well this article attempts to list out those reported back by our career coaching clients. It also includes all the accumulated interviewing experience of the author who interviewed hundreds of candidates in his career in HR. Continue reading “Interview Questions” »

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