Team Development Coaching



When a group of talented individuals work together this does not always create a high performance team. Such teams need a common purpose, clear goals and agreed ways of working together.


In organisations today there is the requirement to constantly change and adapt to meet business objectives. As a result, an executive or business team may have new goals, a different leader, or new members may join it. All these circumstances can impact on the ability of a team to perform to its full potential. This is where Team Development Coaching and Team Building can help.


Team Development Coaching and Team Building Assignments

We work with executive and business teams to identify and remove the barriers preventing a team achieving their desired results. Examples of Team Development and Team Building assignments include;


  • Facilitating common agreement to key goals, priorities and performance measures in a newly formed team
  • Building more effective relationships within a management team to enhance brand leadership
  • Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to enable a team to understand and remove the causes of conflict and more effectively achieve their objectives
  • Facilitating the creation of a plan for implementing and managing a major change programme
  • Building a closer relationship between functional and operational teams


Our Approach to Team Development Coaching and Team Building

The start point for any Team Development Coaching assignment is to understand from the Director or Manager who leads the team what needs to change and what success would look like as a result of Team Development Coaching. Based on the desired end result we create a plan for achieving it.


This may result in an off site team building event, or a number of shorter interventions. Our approach to Team Development Coaching is normally to work with the team on real live inter-personal and business topics, rather than run ‘away day’ Team Building events using non-work related exercises, for example clay pidgeon shooting. Our Clients tell us that by exploring real relationship issues and business related topics, it is much easier to apply the learnings in the organisation and continue the development of a high performance team.


We find that as a result of Team Development Coaching in an open and transparent discussion, managed in a ‘safe environment’ for team members, a better understanding of the topic is achieved and overall business performance is enhanced.


Please contact us to discuss your Team Development Coaching and Team Building requirements. We are confident we can assist you to build a high performance team.





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