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A series of four career workshops that equip participants to get the job that they want. These workshops are run for graduates, postgraduates and other students completing their studies.


1. CVs and Applications that get Interviews (2 hours)


Covers traditional and skills based CVs, as well as completing online and paper applications. Shows participants what they need to do to get an interview and avoid mistakes made by 60% or more other applicants for jobs. On completion participants know how to:

  • target a CV or application for a job
  • grab the recruiters attention by two thirds of the way down page one of their CV
  • write a powerful traditional and skills based CV
  • make successful online  and paper applications


2. Success at Interview (2 hours)

Covers all that participants need to know to prepare for and be successful at interviews. Includes how to prepare for competency based interviews, as well as how to answer difficult interview questions. As a result of attending this session participants:

  • are significantly more confident about interviews
  • can identify many of the questions they will be asked at interview
  • know how to prepare for an interview so they can give a polished performance on the day
  • understand the relevance of body language and tone of voice


3. Passing Assessment Centres (2 hours)

Explains how assessment centres are designed and how candidates are rated. Includes importance guidance on what to do at each stage of an assessment event in order to successfully get the job. As a result of attending participants:

  • understand the types of exercises used at assessment centres
  • know how to manage themselves in group exercises to stand the best chance of success
  • understand how to prepare for an assessment day
  • can identify the competencies that are likely to be assessed on the day


4. Marketing Yourself (90 minutes)


Explains the main routes to finding employment and the critical role of networking in today’s competitive employment market. The benefits for participants are:

  • understanding how to use networking to find jobs
  • understanding how recruitment agencies operate and how to use them to find a role
  • knowing how to prepare for job fairs

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